Over The Years We Have Enjoyed 100% Customer Satisfaction with our Birthday Books. Here are just some of the positive reviews we have received:

“Thank you so much for your reply and your consideration. I have had a lot of positive feedback on the many Birthday Books I have given as gifts. I will continue to order until I run out of birthdays. I truly enjoy your product.”
Rosemary Casadonte

“What a great gift! We gave it to a friend at her birthday party and she loved it. So did everyone else. It really was the life of the party!”
Malcolm Cohen, Greenbrae, California

“Who ever thought that we could have so much fun with a book that cost so little! Great job!”
James McGuire, Los Angeles, California

“The birthday book has been a wonderful learning experience for our daughter. She read the book cover to cover and wanted to learn more about history and the famous people who share her birthday. It even motivated her to open our Encyclopedia Britannica all on her own!”
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Whittaker, Leonardtown, Maryland

“What a hit the birthday books were at our friends’ party! We couldn’t have pleased them more if we had bought them a $100 gift! Thank you for creating such a wonderful idea!”
Heinz and Inge Reichart, Vienna, Austria

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