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Welcome to the Whimsical and Wonderful World of Birthday Books!

Here you will discover a new way of looking at birthdays, both yours and others!

Our books are a unique experience; they’re like a romp in the playground, a night on the town and a browse through the university library all in one!

Imagine that you like Alice have suddenly and unexpectedly fallen into that “rabbit hole” and find yourself in the midst of a magical wonderland, full of surprise and adventure!

Think of it: for only fifteen dollars, you could purchase one of the most memorable gifts for all of your friends, family or business associates!


Ten good reasons to buy birthday books!

An affordable gift- only fifteen dollars- yet something to keep for many years to come!
An educational gift- full of interesting facts about history and famous people!
A personalized gift- full of exciting facts and figures about each person’s birthday!
A unique gift- an original text for each day!
An entertaining gift- tells all about celebrities born on your birthday- plus a lot of other amusing trivia!
A memorable keepsake- the one who gets it will always remember it- and the person who gave it!
A quality gift- colorful hard-bound covers in dozens of creative styles!
A perfect idea for a baby’s gift- they’ll grow up with a fun gift that tells all about their birthday!
It’s the life of the party- a great party favor- and a memorable gift- for all the guests to take home!
A great employee gift or customer gift- the ultimate corporate gift that everyone will remember!


Everyone enjoys reading our Birthday Books!

Here are sample pages from some of the chapters of our books.
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