Frequently Asked Questions

Why is The Birthday Book worth 15 dollars?
Here is our answer:

  1. The books are manufactured with the best materials and bindings available to make them last and be enjoyed for a lifetime.
  2. The text for the original 366 books required a substantial amount of research and development.
  3. A great deal of work was involved in creating all the artistic styles used for the book covers.
  4. Our books easily compare in quality to other gift books sold in card and gift departments of retail stores for much higher prices.

How many different styles of book covers are there?
There are 48 different styles which are shipped from our warehouse to customers at random when filling orders.

Can the book be personalized?
Yes, there is a space available at the first page of the book to leave a personal greeting.

Does the book contain information about the specific year a person is born?
The Birthday Book only provides information about famous persons and events throughout history that share the actual day of a person’s birthday, not the actual year of the person’s birth.

Can the books be ordered for shipment overseas?
Shipments overseas incur special shipping charges and vary by country. Please email us at contact@thebirthdaybooks.com indicating the number of books to be ordered and the country to which they will be shipped and we will provide you with the cost of shipment.

What is the return policy for birthday books?
Books may be returned within 30 days of shipment for a full refund. All refunds are issued once books are retuned to our warehouse.