Birthday Books are the Perfect Gift for Under Ten Bucks, The Birthday Book Company, San Francisco, California

A different book for each day of the year!
Tells all about the famous people and events that share your birthday!
The ideal gift for all ages! And for any occasion!

Ten good reasons to buy birthday books!

An affordable gift- less than ten dollars-
yet something to keep for many years to come!
A quality gift- colorful hard-bound covers
in dozens of creative styles!
A personalized gift- full of exciting facts and
figures about each person’s birthday!
A unique gift- tells all about the famous events
of this day in history- your birthday!
An entertaining gift- tells all about celebrities born on your birthday- plus a lot of other amusing trivia! A memorable keepsake- the one who gets it will
always remember it- and the person who gave it!
An educational gift- full of interesting facts
about history and famous people!
A perfect idea for a baby’s gift- they’ll grow up with
a fun gift that tells all about their birthday!
It's the life of the party- a great party favor- and a memorable gift- for all the guests to take home! A great employee gift or customer gift- the ultimate corporate gift that everyone will remember!

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